Standing Firm In Christ Amidst Disbelief


Ah, Unidentified Flying Objects (or mostly known with its three-letter acronym U.F.O) has been a child’s fascination of mine.

Before I accepted Christ, I was always intrigued with the idea of getting caught or beamed up by an alien flying saucer. I used to look up above the starry nights and day hoping to see a glimpse of those supposedly highly advanced and technically superior aircrafts that even surpasses our modern-day airplanes.

If you’ve seen movies like Close Encounter:The Third Kind, Independence Day, and recently Battle: Los Angeles (which was a good movie by the way), then you pretty much have a grasp about the phenomenon concerning aliens and their sophisticated aircrafts.

Accordingly, aliens and their fancy UFOs belongs to an advanced civilization from another planet which has existed before the dawn of the human species. If explained in the mind of an evolutionist, these aliens has evolved far superior than us elsewhere in the galaxy, hence their technical acumen.

But is the mass hysteria concerning UFOs and ETs justified? Are they real? Christian, Gary Bates, an expert on this subject notes that,

…even many Christians have contacted us to suggest that God may have created intelligent life on other planets or that God’s angels use real physical spaceships to make their way    around the universe (read the book for answers to these). These beliefs presuppose    that UFO sightings are of real physical craft (as in spaceships). However, research by UFOlogists shows that no two UFOs have ever appeared alike, meaning that either aliens are using disposable craft or we are being visited by hundreds of different    alien races every week, and have been, for countless years! Why would our Earth, which is like a speck in the vastness of the universe, be favoured with so many visits? And where’s the physical evidence? [source link]

Wherever these alien intruders are or whatever engines they use within their spacecraft to fly supersonic, one must be out of his or her mind if this person haven’t dreamed or even fantasized as a child of ever wanting to take a ride one of those spacecraft that flies as fast as the speed of light. But is the speed of light possible? Or it is just a fantasy created by our own minds?

The closeststar to the earth, Proxima Centauri (a-Centauri C) is 40.7 million million kilometers (approximately 25 million million miles) away. The Apollo flights took three days to get to the moon. At the same speed, one would need 870,000 years to get to the nearest star. Of course, one could accelerate (particularly unmanned) probes to a greater speed. At the incredible speed of one-tenth the speed of light, the trip, one way would still take 43 years. However, one would need enormous amounts of energy for such an acceleration, roughly equivalent to the electricity consumption of the entire world’s population for one month. Furthermore, in every cubic kilometer of space, there are an estimated 100,000 dust particles (made up of silicates and ice) weighing only a tenth of a gram. At such a velocity, colliding with even one of these tiny objects could destroy a spaceship [source].

Indeed, riding along with a flying saucer or spacecraft is a childs dream or even perhaps a dream by anyone! But it’s just a dream and it should remain that way I’m afraid. Better yet, never wish anything you really don’t have a clear understanding surrounding UFO and Extraterrestrials.

Don’t get me all wrong here. I’m not suggesting that UFOs and aliens aren’t real. they’re real indeed. However, UFO’s aren’t real as the way the secular media or some other stories want you to hear or read in the books.  The whole stories concerning the reality of UFOs and aliens from outer space are nothing but pure sci-fi.

Yea, I know that I have read and even saw footage of supposedly multiple sighting and encounters of alien spacecraft worldwide and who would challenge these firsthand testimony of UFO encounters right?

Whatever it is you have read and heard concerning UFO phenomena are nothing but hype. Even the ones that are directly experienced by someone or anyone who have supposedly seen or have been abducted by an ET being are not to be taken seriously. Again, I’m not at all telling you that this phenomenon ain’t real. They are. What I’m trying to say here is that we have to be very careful about what we are dealing here with.

UFOs or aliens are real but not in the same way people perceives or understands them to be. For instance, from a secular mind set, UFOs and aliens are understood to be an another “beings” from  a different planet totally different from us–earthlings. If you’re an evolutionist you would believe these aliens are from another planet who has evolved far superior than us, humans, and are here to visit us from time to time.

Christians, on the other hand who totally believes that life must have been created by a Creator totally ignores the fanciful idea about life evolving from non-living matter. Therefore, aliens from a different planet (who are not exempt from the idea of evolution) are totally inacceptable.

So, in short, if aliens from Mars, for example, do not exist then why all these fuss about UFOs and aliens for that matter? The answer is really simple. Demonic activities. A secular and UFOlogist expert, John Keel, tells us that,

‘The Devil and his demons can, according to the literature, manifest themselves in almost any form and can physically imitate anything from angels to horrifying monsters with glowing eyes. Strange objects and entities materialize and dematerialize  in these stories, just as the UFOs and their splendid occupants appear and disappear, walk through walls, and perform other supernatural feats. … The manifestations and occurrences described in this imposing literature are similar, if not entirely identical, to the UFO phenomenon itself. Victims of demonomania [possession] suffer the very same medical and emotional symptoms as the UFO contactees. [source link]

Since from the very beginning of the universe Satan and his minions has always been busy in deceiving people (and they’re good at it too). Like I said before, it maybe true that a personal encounter of the flying saucers has indeed occurred or that there are handful of people out there who has indeed experienced abduction by aliens from outer space. But then again the question is are this REAL UFOs and ET from a different galaxy or are these supernatural entities are nothing but demons masquerading themselves as aliens.

In the Bible which it clearly states that Satan and his legions are here to deceive the world (2 Cor. 4:4) which are able to appear in physical forms (2 Cor.
11:14-15). Can this be the form of ET? Hm. UFO expert Gary Bates, explains,

However, many people are having real experiences at the hands of deceptive fallen angels and demons. These entities are creating an elaborate charade that undergirds (and is undergirded by) the theory of evolution which also undermines God’s rightful place as King of the universe. The experience can be real, but the charade is not. [source link]

Satan’s time is closing and it is no wonder that demons manifestations are present (in the guise of peaceful aliens) just to deceive are just getting more and more intensified. If UFO activities are nothing but demonic manifestations then we should flee from it (James 4:7). Christians knows better than dabbling with the spectrum of the occult.

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