Standing Firm In Christ Amidst Disbelief

What Christians Should Expect In Video Games

Christian gamers worldwide, no doubt, had been experiencing console and PC gaming quite unease if not awkward. This is because of todays gaming industries that has nothing to offer but explicitly touts violence, sex, profanity, blasphemy, homosexuality, pagan oriented games.

Big gaming corporates has been mostly irresponsible and inconsiderate when it comes to games contents. The majority of video/PC games in existence that has been distributed for the last decades to consumers like you and I are constantly bombarded and exposed to anti-Christian themes. And yet, surprisingly enough, Christians always “turns the other cheek.”

What should we do about this? Should Christians quit buying games that has no relevant in their spiritual lives? Should you, as a responsible Christian, boycott console games that attacks and humiliates your faith? Or should we simply quit playing games that intentionally offends our belief in Christ? These are simple yet troubling questions that we have to face and quit turning the other cheek.

I deeply recommend Little Big Planet if one prefers to play a game outside the frames of sophisticated adult games.

I really do not have a definite answer to these questions yet I do sincerely believe that turning the other cheek is the worst option. But, I do believe that, considering the situation Christian gamers are in right now, there are still, thankfully, games that are not overtly anti-Christian and immorally convulsive.

Regarding what games we prefer to play during our leisure time at home, correct responsibility must be in order.

Since there are no Christian gaming industry that has succeeded in creating games that has yet won the heart of the masses, and since it seems that violence, sex and profanity is mostly celebrated and accepted in todays society, we should expect gaming turbulence.

Now, don’t get me all wrong. I’m not at all suggesting that just because of the situation we’re in right now, Christians should simply accept just about everything what gaming industries solicits.

Nor should we remain neutral. What I’m trying to say here is that we should practice caution, moderation and be fully aware of what we prefer to play within our gaming device.

Again, as adult Christians, we should practice, first and foremost, responsibility to ourselves and toward others.

It is our responsibilities not to expose our kids to games that mostly contains violence, gore, cussing etc . Most first-person shooter and those so-called Role-playing games are not for kids to indulge with. Parents, it is within your power not to let your child play such games.

We should protect our child from such early exposure. Whether or not overemphasize, Christians should avoid at all cost buying (or ushering games to kids) and playing games that includes soft pornography, and profanity.

There are plenty of Christian gaming review articles on the internet that writes and warns the stuff that I have mentioned above. Please read what other Christian gamers has to say about a particular games before considering purchasing it.

In addition, we should pray that more Christian oriented games that glorifies God will soon appear on the shelves inside our favorite console gaming stores.

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