Standing Firm In Christ Amidst Disbelief

Joyce Meyer And Heresies

Let it be known that my sole purpose in writing this particular article is not to provoke unnecessary controversy with my fellow believers who admires Meyer. Joyce Meyer is a very influential author, speaker and TV preacher.

She has sold thousands of copies of her books. One among  many well known book she has written is Battlefield Of The Mind. There is no doubt that Mrs. Meyer is popular among Christians. Not only that her influence is strong among believers, her doctrines or teachings has touched lives and brought inspirations in the lives of her followers throughout the world too.

Meyer’s teachings are well known not only among those she preaches but also among those who are in doubt because of her unconventional and unbiblical teachings that often goes unchecked by Christians. This is the reason why I want to write this article to expose her false, unscriptural teachings that are heretical and can be dangerous if accepted uncritically. I’m not here to attack Joyce Meyer’s personality. It is however important to point where she has been misleading her listeners and what she actually teaches.

If you really value the truth of the Gospel in which was handed to us by the apostles and Jesus himself, I’m sure you will get alarmed too.

According to the Bible, there are many false prophets and false teachers and wolves in sheep clothing that is infiltrating the church and that either adds or teaches NOT according to the Scriptures but according to their own lustful, sinful and selfish desires. Whether or not Meyer teaches false doctrines unconsciously we will still have to expose her accordingly.

Now, let us be the good BEREANS in Acts 17:11 and see if Joyce Meyer really teaches according to the Scripture.

One among many damnable doctrines of Meyer is that the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ on Calvary wasn’t suffecient for forgiveness for our sins. She teaches that Christ paid our sins and atonement during his abode in hell/hades. 

“During that time He entered hell, where you and I deserved to go (legally) because of our sin…He paid the price there.…no plan was too extreme…Jesus paid on the cross and in hell….God rose up from His throne and said to demon powers tormenting the sinless Son of God, “Let Him go.” Then the resurrection power of Almighty God went through hell and filled Jesus…He was resurrected from the dead the first born-again man” (The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make: A Complete And Thorough Understanding Of What It Means To Be Born Again, 1991, pp 35-36, Joyce Meyer) 

To say that Christ did not die on the cross for our sins but had to go through hell for salvation is a heresy! Firstly, Jesus Christ, before giving up his ghost and died on the cross, he uttered, “IT IS FINISHED (Jn. 19:13)!” Finito.

Christ paid in full, for our sins, on the cross. He has done what has to be done. A question comes to my mind namely, since Meyer denies the doctrine of the cross, does this make her a friend or foe of the cross (Phil. 3:18)? You decide. Remember, Paul the apostle warned us about accepting another gospel and false Jesus, “For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or [if] ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with [him] (2 Cor. 11:4).

Moreover, nowhere in the Bible by which Paul rejoiced over Christ atoning for our miserable sins in hell!

While Meyer denies the atoning power of blood and death of Christ on the cross she also claims and tells her public that angels tells her what to preach,

Now spirits don’t have bodies, so we can’t see them. Okay? There probably is, I believe there is, and I certainly hope there is several angels up here this morning that are preaching with me. I believe that right before I speak some anointed statement to you, that one of them bends over and says in my ear what I’m supposed to say to you. [Witchcraft & Related Spirits (Audiotape, Part 1)]

Whoa! Isn’t her statement above contradicts what the Bible teaches. “Yea, what’s wrong with angels telling her what to preach,” you might ask. My answer is pretty straight forward–its not biblical. The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit will guide us into ALL truth (Jn. 16:13), not by angelic beings. Unless the Holy Spirit is an angelic being Meyer is definitely deceiving her followers.

Let us study the heretical teachings of Meyer more.

I’m going to tell you something folks, I didn’t stop sinning until I finally got it through my thick head I wasn’t a sinner anymore. And the religious world thinks that’s heresy and they want to hang you for it. But the Bible says that I’m righteous and I can’t be righteous and be a sinner at the same time.Now whether you like it or not, whether you want to admit it or not, whether you want to operate on it or not, you are made the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ.  Most people who go to denominational churches never ever hear that!  They never hear it!  Never!  All I was ever taught to say was, ‘I’m a poor, miserable sinner.’ I am not poor, I am not miserable and I am not a sinner. That is a lie from the pit of hell. That is what I was and if I still am then Jesus died in vain. Amen?  [What Happened from the Cross to The Throne? audio]  

The quoted material above is the most heretical statement yet. Meyer claims that she is not a sinner BECAUSE she has been made righteous with God. Is this a sound doctrine? Biblical one perhaps? Again, my answer is this, it is NOT scriptural. In fact, Meyers statement above CONTRADICTS with the Bible.

The apostle Paul thought himself to be the chief of sinners (1 Tim. 1:15). John wrote, “If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us” (1 Jn. 1:8). Remember, the beloved John wrote and addressed this epistle to Christians NOT to a would-be converts. Even if we are indeed forgiven and washed with the blood of Christ from our sins this does not conclude that we become perfect and SINLESS. Study the lives of the Old Testament patriarch and the New Testament apostles and you’ll see that most of these great men of God did not live their lives SINLESS and perfect. They often fall short.

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  1. “The author of this blog is a former Satanist and is now a practicing Christian.”

    No wonder you are so mixed up on Scriptures!

  2. Are there any other quotes that you could find from Mrs. Meyer? I mean, I keep reading the same quotes over and over again. Not to belittle the importance of pointing these things out, is it possible that we as Christians who discern lose something in just repeating what others have used over and over again? I am disappointed. There has to be more to this than just these four examples. Guess I will have to look on my own. Think about it.

    • Of course you should always search the scriptures for yourself but really what more do you need when someone denies the Deity of Jesus Christ. Think about it!

  3. I wrote to Joyce Meyer concerning an employee who is a leader in a cult church. She did not respond. This church denies the Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Trinity. It also denies the Biblical teaching of hell. at the following site click about us, then click leaders. You will see what I am concerned about. You can also click on what we believe and read for yourself. Interesting that this churches statement of faith is similar to another cult, Spirit and Truth Fellowship International, which is an off-shoot of The Way International. The Way’s founder was no friend of the Christian faith, as is evident from his book “Jesus Christ Is Not God”. You can see the link to Spirit and Truth Fellowship International on the churches resource links. Also you can see this group (STFI) on perhaps the largest Way International off-shoots inks at Many of these off-shoots at cortright have confused/duped many Christian organizations. Can you really justified working for a Christian ministry, and at the same time be a leader in a church that denies cardinal teachings of the Historic Christian Church? I wonder!

  4. ‘Unless the Holy Spirit is an angelic being Meyer is definitely deceiving her followers.’

    ‘But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.’ Galatians 1:8

    Even if an angel comes down from heaven to preach another gospel, it’s to be anathema. Lucifer was an angel cast out of heaven by God for his rebellious pride and jealousy, so it is a very clear warning against any false teaching or teacher.

  5. I do believe Joyce is a born again washed in the blood spirit filled child of God and anointed by God himself. Her message is the gospel and nothing more or less! I watch her every morning and she has never said anything close to what your stating in your “out of content” quotes and we all know how when things are taken out of content it can mess up the meaning of what was being said. Remember God is in control of it ALL! So like Paul said weather it be selfish gain the gospel is getting preached!! And Slander is not right! In fact it is from Satan himself.

    • Listen lady your not to run around believing all spirits, your to test them, ”how” by the pure WORD OF GOD!!! THIS WARNING IS REPEATED OVER AND OVER IF YOU FAIL IN THIS THE SAME ANGELS THE HAVE JOYCE ARE LOOKING FOR MORE VICTIMS.

  6. Lisa, its obvious your affection for Joyce has clouded your thinking. THere are videos of Joyce speaking heretical statements. If you dont want to beleive that, thats between you and God, but you have been made aware of these things, and you cannot make any excuses when you go before the Lord. This is not Slander when it is true, and the Holy Spirit gives us discernment to weed out the false teachers. I suggest you do your own research with an unbiased mind.

    • I agree, all you have to do is compare Joyce Meyer to the false teachers that Peter speaks of in 2 Peter 2. Joyce has millions of followers because she tells them they are not sinners thus justifying their sin. She makes merchandise of of them as the King James version puts it, meaning millions of dollars off of her followers. Finally she speaks damnable heresies. L

  7. we should not judge others by only a few words perhaps out of context, we should analyze not only the sermons but also the fruit (Acts 17: 11/ Matthiew 7: 15-20). We should not overemphasize the imperfections of God’s servants or their possible limits in the knowledge of the Bible. But we should look at Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith (Heb. 12: 1-4). Joyce Meyer has helped so many people around the world including me. I know that she is not perfect as we all are not and she may speak the things on which all don’t agree, but God has used her remarkably, because she teaches the Bible simply and encourages so many people to live a meaningful christian life that glorifies God..

  8. I have watched many of Joyce’s tv programs and also have attended her seminars and have never once heard her say anything that was anti scripture. Way back in 1991, she was in error and that is all you hear about these days. It seems to always be the same “do gooders” quoting the same piece from a book of hers. It is the same people that always “see a snake under every rock.”

    • Usually men. Men do not like women to be leaders in the church. No, we are not to be preachers, but we can have Bible studies and learn God’s word without a man. Search if what anyone says is Biblical. It is up to all of us to be educated by the scriptures.

  9. Isaiah 61:10 we are clothed in righteousness; Phil 3:9; 2Cor 5:21: God made the one who did not know sin to be sin for us, so that God’s righteousness would be produced in us. Pray for a revelation on Righteousness author of this article.

  10. I am the author of Religious Pickle and Mother Mary. Joyce Meyer often says things contradictory to the Bible truth. I feel sorry for her ardent followers. She is not a preacher inspired by the Holy Spirit. Beware!

  11. Joyce Meyer seems to love herself more than God’s word.

    If she wasn’t raking in money, it’s doubtful she would be preaching.

  12. Reeves … You’ve touched God’s anointed~ You’ll pay the price, dude~

  13. The teachings of Joyce Meyer have made me a better person and I think that is what really matters. I truly believe God uses people as instruments to fulfill his will. Thanks to her teachings my life has changed amazingly; now I enjoyed helping people in need actually I love doing that, I love and enjoy reading the Bible, my relationship with God has grown a lot, and my family has been changed completely. If Joyce would have been a false teacher as you mentioned; people like me would not have a POSITIVE testimony.

  14. Lot of topics of interest here. Thanks visit my blog.

  15. Jesus said to the man on the cross beside him, “Today you will be with me in paradise.” Not tomorrow or the next day. Today. Does that mean when Jesus died, he went directly to heaven to await His resurrection day? I have never thought about this before.

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