Standing Firm In Christ Amidst Disbelief

Christian Bashing

You just can’t believe that most, if not all, Christian bashers are (though not restrictively) irreligious and are perhaps, philosophically, theologically and historically incompetents.

Most of these self-proclaimed Christian bashers you see and read on the internet and within your movie theaters are wallowing with insults and  fuming with their hate and ignorance against Christians and Christianity.

Their polemics of blame after blame towards the Christian faith can be very frustrating if not tiresome don’t you think?

Christian bashers are so self-righteous and self-absorb that they forget the real reason and objective as to why they truly hate Christianity in particular and Christians in general.

Mostly of these self-proclaimed Christian haters  “arguments” and “refutations”  so-called against the Judeo-Christian faith are mostly and often derived from emotional conclusions–not from facts. All they do is blame shifting and worst of all whining.

They love to bash Christians for NO other reputable reasons. They love to hate Christians as if they were contaminated with a deadly virus. Yea, Christian-hate is expected from everywhere (and this much is true from a biblical perspective), from different halls of belief system.

Christian bashing is an evil enterprise that evolves and feeds from hate and ignorance. Don’t give me wrong.

I do not expect for people to accept Christ and Christianity, after all, Jesus the Nazarene Himself once told His disciples that they are going to be hated and persecuted because of Him. It is because of our faith in Christ that these hate are unleashed towards us Christians. Christianity is not for sissies! The Christian faith is for the real man.

Christian bashers do not usually operate exclusively within the anti-God community but inclusively operates with the likes of communists, socialists, satanists, nihilists, pluralists, relativists, atheists, lefties, anarchists, neo Nazis, Islamists and dare I say, liberal Christians? Hm.

Oh, lets not forget Hollywood. Most of todays movies are bashing Christianity if not extremely biased against those who adheres and practices the faith.

In their anthems against Christianity they usually sing together in accord. Most of their Christian bashing hymns are as follows: Christian are ignorants (really?), Nazis (an oxymoron if you asked me), Anti-science (what about Galileo, Kepler, Newton, and Pasteur?), imperialists (this is crazy), capitalists (nothing wrong with free enterprise), war mongering (not all wars are necessarily evil), bigoted (what about christian hate huh?), homophobic, psychopaths (primarily depicted in Hollywood movies), and blah, blah, blah.

But, Alas! This bigotry is, of course, acceptable if, and only if this kind of bigotry is pointed exclusively towards Christians.

Look, I know that not all Christians are a walking angels or even behaves as saints. Some Christians (but not all!) acts, unfortunately enough, despicably and irrationally sometimes (and so other groups). But, this alone doesn’t justifies haters sweeping generalizations as if all Christians were as guilty as the one who commits the offence. Not every Christian ragingly applauds if an abortionist or  a homosexual were beaten to death.

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